Dave Bawa

World Fusion Artist

Cutting-edge, versatile, unique and a true representation of home-grown Canadian talent – What better way to describe world fusion artist Dave Bawa - born and raised in Victoria BC, now residing in Vancouver, Dave launched his career in full swing with his debut EP entitled 'This Is Me' produced by Harj Nagra in the Summer of 2015. The EP received recognition in North America and India with extensive media coverage and play in the UK including the first single ‘Aish’ being  playlisted on the BBC Asian Network. Dave’s ever evolving music is an eclectic mix of his influences of Hip Hop, RnB, Soul and Funk of the west and Bhangra and Bollywood music of the east fused with Punjabi and English lyrics. Dave has completed his full 11-track studio album with Rishi Rich - The Dave Bawa & Rishi Rich album entitled ‘Unit 404’ is set to release in 2016.

Unit 404 is a complete body of work that encompasses Dave Bawa’s progressive and unique singing style within the 11 tracks. Musical maestro and international phenomenon Rishi Rich, who is responsible for huge crossover collaborations and propelling artists into the mainstream, continues to push the envelope with the music you hear on Unit 404. The English and Punjabi fused lyrics are penned by Dave expressing his own  thoughts and feelings on personal experiences. From beginning to end, the listener is taken through a journey love, lust and heartbreak. Unit 404 not only marks the beginning of Dave’s career in the international market but the establishment of a brand new sound that shatters the walls of genres and the boundaries of culture. Unit 404 is the crossover album of this generation - music that evokes emotion and sets the score for a global movement.


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